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reK ReplayKit Plugin for iOS and Unity 5.3.x

If you are experiencing problems with version 1.0 of reK ReplayKit Plugin for iOS running in Unity 5.3, here are some technical details and a quick fix while we re-submit a fixed package to the AssetStore for review.

The problem is that Unity 5.3 introduced some changes to how [ExecuteInEditMode] and DontDestroyOnLoad() works, which results in the destruction of the reK prefab instance whenever you open a test scene in the editor or drag the prefab into your own scene.

In order to fix this, just locate the Awake() call in UnityReplayKit.cs and change this

if (dontDestroyOnLoad == true) {


if (Application.isPlaying == true && dontDestroyOnLoad == true) {

and you are done.

The fix will ship with the next update of reK.

Maintenance Done

Days? Scotty would have been proud – the images are back! Still funny browsing through the old screenshots…


Life is coming back slowly to this dev blog. Some images still missing, but will be recovered in the next few days…

Gamescom 2013 – Impressions from the Rarebyte Booth




Unimportant Update #29

There’s life in the old dog yet. Successfully reactivated our old coffee maker and it’s still counting: 28506 :)

Meet Us in VR!

Oculus Rift

Playtesting Our New Game on OUYA…

LR2 Playtesting (OUYA)


Not sure about how retro this is…

Sunday Night…

…time to clean the old NES!

Pixel 7

Last weekend some of us attended the Pixel conference in Vienna. Great talks – thanks to the Pixel team! A lot of people managed it to get on location despite the fact that the new Apple maps obviously were not able to help, see for yourself: