Drop Point: Alaska – Boxes Arrived

Although Drop Point: Alaska is currently only available in the US, we’ve just received a few boxes from the guys at MacSoft/Destineer – have a look ;) If you’re a Mac user from the US, don’t hesitate to get your own copy!

Unimportant Update #12

…and again after Windows Vista SP1 installation.

Unimportant Update #11

Did I mention that I hate those Windows Vista updates that spam my quick launch bar with Internet Explorer links, again and again? Grrrrr.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.5 / Spam Protection

I’ve just upgraded our devblog to WordPress 2.5 and added spam protection for comments. Every once in a while, I’ve been cleaning up all the comments in moderation, but today I was really stunned by the actual number of spam posts. Over 5200. I’m actually curious about how the spam bots will solve my math problems…

Laptop Adventures

Only a few months after I got my Dell XPS m1330 laptop, it just broke. Didn’t boot, graphics card failure. I might have used it a bit more than Joe Public, but I was really surprised that this occured as the laptop was only half a year old. Dell’s support, however, seems to be very quick – it took them only two days to send a technician who replaced the mainboard (and graphics card that is built onto the mainboard).

My first attempt to reach the Dell’s support team was to send in an email using the email support system they provide on their website. So I precisely entered all the necessary infos, and pressed the submit button. Guess what. “We are sorry, but our email system is currently out of order.” I then called the support hotline and everything was taken care of very quickly.