Unimportant Update #17

Beware of the fourfold flower, it comes from the strange world outside.

Unimportant Update #16

Don’t wrack your brain with complex code, it just makes the linker angry!

JPentris Update

Every now and then, especially on weekends, we find time to look after the Rarebyte classics such as JPentris. I used to be rather good at it, but now I completely suck. I rarely make it to 20 rows or more, but at least the highscores are now working again. So it’s up to you now to beat GA’s highscore of 75 (!) rows.

Really Important Levelord Update #0

Wohoo, it seems that Levelord’s Domain is back! Hmm, but no new entries… I’m wondering about what the guys from Ritual are now working on, after they were eaten by MumboJumbo

Unimportant Update #15

Seems that I’m back to blogging. Took me a while after all those busy days before, during and especially after the Games Convention. A lot of stuff happened – in fact, it’s that much that I can’t really remember the details.

Just a few words on some topics: Waterstorm Bots are now starting to get really cool to play with, the super-secret stuff is also coming along very well and no, there were no holidays this summer ;)

Stay tuned for more updates…