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Nature? (Part IX)

Nature? (Part VIII)

Black Sheep 1.3 Released – Price Drop to $0.99

Black Sheep 1.3 is now available on the iPhone AppStore – now for only USD 0.99 (EUR 0.79). It features five complete new levels – get it now!

Black Sheep 1.3 in Review at Apple

The updated version 1.3 of Black Sheep is now in review at Apple. It contains a few fixes and five complete new levels – stay tuned ;)

Unimportant Update #26

Some of you might wonder why there are so many nature-related posts on a game developer’s blog. Besides being my personal source of relaxation, I think we can draw a lot of creative strength from nature. So when something blocks your thoughts on how to get something done, just go out there and free your mind. It actually works.

Nature? (Part VII)

For those who are interested: This is a spoiler image of my first geocache.