Price Drop: Lemming Rampage and iPentris

Due to the huge success (read: >200k installs) of our Gamescom 2010 Special Offer we decided to drop the price for two of our games: Lemming Rampage and iPentris are now available for only USD 0.99/EUR 0.79 – get the games right now from the AppStore:

All iPhone Games for Free – Special Gamescom Offer!

We are offering all our iPhone games for free for the duration of the Gamescom 2010 (Aug 17-22) – so what are you waiting for? Get ’em now from the AppStore!

Waterstorm: An In-Depth Look at the Bots

For those who are interested, our Waterstorm bot gurus Mario and Markus have just posted an in-depth look at the Waterstorm bots – check it out here. The article offers some nice development screenshots as well.