Waterstorm Bots – Development Update #3

Somehow I didn’t find the time to write an update on the bots development last week, so I will now try to sum it up.

The bots are currently learning how to play Capture the Flag. There are a lot of bot tasks to implement, so that they can do proper offense and defense moves such as get the enemy’s flag and return it to their own base or chase an enemy that has the flag.

It will take us some time to get all these tasks working, but after that, all mod specific stuff is basically implemented. After that we have to spend some time on balancing the different bot levels (easy, medium and hard).

By the way, as some of you guys already recognized, there is a community-made ship on the screenshot I added to the last development update. Thanks to [SS]Scorp for this! Check his statistics here (login required).

We appreciate any community-made art for the game, so do not hesitate to send us your stuff – or post it on the forum. We will be releasing all this stuff with the coming updates.

Have fun playing ;)

Waterstorm Bots – Development Update #2

Time for the next development update concerning the Waterstorm bots. We’ve improved a lot of things in Drone Match – the bots are able to flee with the drone now, for instance. In contrast to what I said last week about the next mod implementation, we chose Team Deathmatch over Capture the Flag.

So Capture the Flag will come up next. Implementing Team Deatchmatch first was the right decision as it enabled us to play more with the weapon handling and bot configuration.

Stay tuned fore more updates on the topic and – as always – have fun playing ;)