Waterstorm Project Update #6 – Preview of Beta Update #3

We are almost done with the changes and fixes for the Waterstorm Beta Update #3. As previously mentioned, we plan to release the first version of CORE (Community Oriented Rally Environment) together with this update. Here is a sneak preview how it will look like.

As you can see from the screenshot, this first version is basically a community chat with game/game server launch functions as well as hot links for the web stuff of Waterstorm. core_preview_beta_update_3.jpg

If you have asked yourself whether there will be any new game content in the update – I can confirm this. Two new maps are going to be released: ctf_bunker and dm_cave. Here are some screenshots…

ctf_bunker_preview_02.jpg ctf_bunker_preview_01.jpg ctf_bunker_preview_00.jpg

dm_cave_preview_02.jpg dm_cave_preview_01.jpg dm_cave_preview_00.jpg

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