Waterstorm Project Update #7 – Beta Update #3 Released

We’ve just released Waterstorm Beta Update #3. Here is the changelog:

Changelog for Update #3 (Build.1447):

  • first release of community tool C.O.R.E. (Community Oriented Rally Environment)
  • new map: ctf_bunker
  • integrated bug reporting tool
  • updated Windows installer
  • updated Linux installer
  • removed MacOSX PKG installer – now providing a zipped DMG file
  • fixed graphics mode bug (when trying to run windowed mode)
  • improved invisibility powerup
  • screenshots now go to a screenshots directory (not removed by RAU anymore)
  • fixed invalid frame buffer crash bug
  • VisualModeSelectionDlg: added frequencies to modes
  • fixed sorting of visual modes
  • fixed visual mode frequency saving in profile
  • fixed team menu bug (menu stuck when killed)
  • fixed crash bug in map loader
  • fixed controls saving issue
  • cleaned up some render stuff
  • …and some minor changes…

The changelog can also be found here. I’m sorry that the dm_cave map that was previously announced didn’t make it into the release. There are some trigger issues we still have to fix. Expect it to be released in the next few days.

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