XSLT and Firefox

If you do a lot of programming each day, you learn tons of things or how to do things. Solutions to difficult problems, crazy ideas that turn out to solve the issue in the end or details you bug around with for hours. It’s very often the case that you fix a problem but shortly after you completely forget how you did it. Ok, at least for me it’s very often the case.

Maybe that is why I thought about writing solutions down to avoid forgetting them. Today, I had to do some XSLT stuff and somehow there was no problem using an XML file with an XSL stylesheet in IE6, but Firefox refused to render it correctly. The solution to that is rather easy. It’s that easy that I invested hours and hours of continual distraction to not solve it in just a few seconds.

So here is my remark: Be sure to use text/xml as mime type of the XML document if you want Firefox to render it correctly when using a XSL stylesheet.

3 thoughts on “XSLT and Firefox”

  1. well, looking after a solution is no fun at all. it’s always better to invest lots and lots of time for mostly simple stuff. imagine there is no time for those things… projects would be finished – noone wants that!

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