IMGER 2006 – Review

What a chaotic weekend. Chaotic, but still successful for Rankz as it proved its reliability at the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, there were some problems with the timing, but these had nothing to do with the functionality of Rankz. In fact, we – as the creators – were pretty stunned how robust it is, although there was timing data missing. We also added some more features such as separate output of rankings of all the age groups and flexible athlete import.

Despite all the work we had to do, there was also time to relax a little in the heart of Frankfurt. Actually, it was pretty funny that someone mixed up the words Mainkai and Mai Tai, so the next day we were a little worried about where the Hel(l)mut is. The race day itself was pretty hot, although it had rained early in the morning and it also rained in the evening. We were located in a container directly behind the finish line. The air conditioner didn’t really work or was just not powerful enough to get all the sweat and heat out, and so it had about 33° C all the time – which is a pretty high temperature to work and concentrate.

All in all it was a great experience being a part of such a big event. I’m sure we can get some pictures posted here soon.

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