Pentopolis HD

Time to update our devblog with more info about the projects we’ve been working on, starting with Pentopolis HD. By relying on the proven concept of iPentris, we developed another iteration of the game including brand-new features such as Game Center support with leaderboards and 34 unique achievements.

As the “HD” in the name suggests, it has full support for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 and the latest generation iPod touch.


  • Easy-to-Play Controls
  • Game Center Support
  • Tons of Achievements
  • Leaderboard
  • High Quality Graphics (supports iPhone 4 Retina Display)
  • Support for iOS 4.1

The game is FREE and is already available on the AppStore. For user who like the game and want to add another important feature to the gameplay, we provide an in-app purchase (available via the coin which was one of the leaked images a couple weeks ago) that unlocks a block preview as well as a rows-to-next-level counter and replaces the ad banner.

Get it for free on the AppStore:

Here are a few screenshots of the game:

As I write this, we are submitting the first update of the game to Apple which fixes a few minor issues. Have fun playing, send us your feedback and rate it on the AppStore!

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