Talking about Projects

There has not been published a lot of information about the current project from the project development team so I certainly won’t anticipate them. There is an idea which is probably beyond the scope of realization today and I see its time after the beta/final.

Watching music television

How many computer games have you bought in a shop this year? Ok – great, that’s very close to my answer.
You watched VIVA or MTV in the last months? You’ve seen the endless series of bothering ads for mobile games? So for that reason it is quite obvious that the project should be also playable mobile.

Playing Anno 2006

Years ago we all played some Anno 1602. When I was looking around a few days ago I saw Anno 1503 on the web. But not the outdated version for the personal computer … right – a version for mobile phones. First I couldn’t believe that, but the screen shots are looking good and it’s likely to be playable.

Why would I buy Anno 1503 for my mobile?

  • I know the game principle.
  • I like the game principle.
  • I know that playing it will make fun for more than half an hour.

Although I can think of funnier things than playing it without a mouse it is surely entertaining.

Making trendfuc*ers happy

Another future project I thought of is the “general purpose shooter” (sorry for the naming). It’s a shoot’em up generator for average games – special features only decelerate the development process. (Best example for this is the Mohrhuhn game and relatives). The business concept is not founded in game technology but in fast reaction to events occurring in the world.

  • Osama crashes the twin-towers – On 9/12 there is a game out with Osama as Mohrhuhn.
  • Zidane headbutts some Italian – the next day you can release two games: “Materazzi’s revenge” and “Hit it like Zidane”.

I agree that this concept is definitely not what a company wants to make for years (besides the designers), but it should be sufficient to establish connections to the publishers and other channels of distribution.

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