Cellular Deconstruction

For those who are interested in digital art – our very own lead artist Mateusz just finished his diploma work “Cellular Deconstruction” – congratulations! Here is some info on the installation that can be currently seen in the Künstlerhaus in Vienna:

Cellular Deconstruction is a work that examines remembering and forgetting. It explores photography as a metaphor for “memory.” The installation creates transient images and “algorithmic forgetting” begins at the very moment when the image is created. The viewers in the exhibition room are protagonists and passive spectators at the same time. Each image created in the installation is uploaded to a web portal and placed in a state of limbo between remembering and deletion. When online visitors open an image on the web portal they trigger a process of disintegration. Visitors at the exhibition can watch this on four screens and the online visitor’s IP address appears on the image they have called up. The more often the images on the web are accessed and looked at, the less remains of them.