So this is it. First vacation in five years – at least if you don’t count our traditional Christmas holiday week. I’m a bit curious, because I’m not really used to the nature of taking some time off. Anyway, I will not take my laptop computer or any other device with me, so don’t expect any updates for about a week.

Further leaks about our new game are not very likely, but who knows? Maybe there is someone else leaking information ;)

When I get back, I will share some really nostalgic stories (and maybe pictures as well) as there is a special anniversary to celebrate…

Laptop Adventures – Part II

It happened again. The graphics card in my Dell XPS m1330 broke again. As usual, Dell’s support was pretty quick with replacing the mainboard, but how much time do I have left before this happens again?

According to the extended warranty, until September – so let’s do the math: Time frame between one failure and another – more than six months. Months left with valid warranty – approximately three. Damn. No way that I get the mainboard replaced for a third time.

Book Now Available

It has been a while since I finished my studies – approximately three and a half years now. So it was quite a surprise to get a message from a publishing house that they wanted to transform the work of my diploma thesis into a book.

I already mentioned my thesis here and there in this blog and somehow it was good not to burn all the copies that I had.

The book is already available on Amazon, so if you are interested in reading about high quality video conferencing and streaming in high bandwidth access networks as well as the most stunning introductory section that exists on this planet, get it!

A ’67 Phone

Ah, so it’s weekend again, great. Time for some retro phone calls. I found this old phone (manufactured in 1967) somewhere at home and thought about adding it to my network as a VOIP phone. After repairing and adjusting the dial plate, it actually worked except for the alarm bell which seems to be broken. But who needs a ringing phone when there are two other phones in the room that listen on the same phone number?


A few days ago, we moved out of the windowless office. It’s really strange if you are able to take a look outside after approximately a year in the dark room.

It’s probably not like the view on this image here, it’s actually more like looking at buildings, concrete and a weirdly crying old lady, but at least you get the feeling that there is something outside…