About 2010

Ok, this took some time,…

…but writing a review at the end of the year is already becoming some sort of tradition over here. So what has happened during the year that came to an end nearly two months ago?

Retrospectively, it looks like the year was full of very different projects, speaking of the platforms, areas of use and technology as well.

One of the first projects in 2010 was “The Biggest Loser – Abspecken im Doppelpack” – a personal nutritionist for iPhone and iPod touch, developed for Independent Arts Software and published by SevenOne Intermedia, which accompanies the well-known TV series on kabel eins.

We then released an iPad version of our very own Black Sheep, just right on time for the launch of the AppStore for iPad apps. We still have plans to add more content to the game or maybe even develop Black Sheep 2 with all new graphics and additional features.

Next – and completely different – was a game using augmented reality (AR). We were lucky to have Gewista as one of our partners on the project, and the game – an AR version of the well-known wooden labyrinth – was shown at their Plakatparty 2010. A lot of great feedback from all those people who played the game at the party encouraged us to pursue to combination of AR techniques and games for use in advertising. So there might be some crazy stuff coming up in 2011.

I remember the early summer of 2010 as a time of typical long-hour days, especially for our lead artist Mateusz, who finished his studies with a diploma thesis called “Cellular Destruction”. Of course, the destruction was all virtual, but if you looked at the guy sometime in June ’10, it was like things were slipping a little bit into the real world ;)

It was right after my 2 week long trip to Norway in July when we started looking at the Gamescom in Cologne. We visited the show for two very, very busy days and met a lot of great people there. This led to some great opportunities that are not ready to be discovered this time.

The iPentris universe was ready for another incarnation: Pentopolis HD, a base5 blocks game with support for Game Center and retina displays.

We also did some contract work at the time: Mediaroom, an iPhone/iPad app that is able to connect to :3C! vidision MediaRooms, and affiliate2go, which helps you track your affiliate sales and leads.

At the end of the year we started pre-production on a bigger project that will (hopefully) lead us into a bright future…

Pentopolis HD

Time to update our devblog with more info about the projects we’ve been working on, starting with Pentopolis HD. By relying on the proven concept of iPentris, we developed another iteration of the game including brand-new features such as Game Center support with leaderboards and 34 unique achievements.

As the “HD” in the name suggests, it has full support for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 and the latest generation iPod touch.


  • Easy-to-Play Controls
  • Game Center Support
  • Tons of Achievements
  • Leaderboard
  • High Quality Graphics (supports iPhone 4 Retina Display)
  • Support for iOS 4.1

The game is FREE and is already available on the AppStore. For user who like the game and want to add another important feature to the gameplay, we provide an in-app purchase (available via the coin which was one of the leaked images a couple weeks ago) that unlocks a block preview as well as a rows-to-next-level counter and replaces the ad banner.

Get it for free on the AppStore:

Here are a few screenshots of the game:

As I write this, we are submitting the first update of the game to Apple which fixes a few minor issues. Have fun playing, send us your feedback and rate it on the AppStore!