Short Review: Balko the Game

I’ve been watching the weekly episode of the RTL TV series “Balko” for some months and discovered that there is a PC game, too. So I gave it a try and here is a short resume: Balko the game is classic click adventure where you play Balko himself who has to investigate a strange murder case.

The graphics are pretty neat, but some things were a little disturbing if you know the TV series. First, and that is the oddest thing, the voices aren’t from the original actors and second, the characters do not look like the ones from the TV series. In some cases there is an obvious affinity, but I couldn’t recognize the faces of the main characters.

I was expecting that they had rebuilt the office from the series, but actually the didn’t. Another thing that was rather annoying was that they used the main characters’ nicknames the wrong way. However, the game is actually fun to play and relax in the evening. Play time is less than 3 hours (at least for me).