Waterstorm Project Update #5 – Community Tools in Development

Welcome to another Waterstorm project update. Big thanks go out to the community who’s testing the game and commenting on issues as well as posting suggestions. 26-04-07_2030.jpg

We really got a lot of feedback and the main “gaming” problem in Waterstorm seems to be that there is currently no place or tool where the gamers can meet, chat or just hang around. In order to solve this, we are currently working on a Waterstorm community tool which is going to ship with the next Beta update (Beta Update #3). Actually, this is also the reason why the update is already taking a bit longer than expected.

The first version of the tool will be basically a community chat where you can meet other Waterstorm gamers and launch the game directly from there. Additionally, launching your own game server is also supported.

For example, if the situation is like “oh, I’m gonna play a quick game”, you can start the game, play the game, quit the game and you will get automatically back to the community tool which runs with nearly no need of resources so that you can have it open all the time while you are doing other stuff (like work? hmm ;) something like that).

It will be therefore really easy to get in touch with all the Waterstorm gamers. Later on, we are going to add a lot more features to this tool which we plan to call C.O.R.E. (Community Oriented Rally Environment):

  • Integrated viewing of statistics
  • Buddy list with status info
  • Clan based channels
  • Language / country based channels
  • …etc.

To be a bit more precise, the “etc.” here stands for all the input from the community. If you have an idea what would be great to see in the tool, just post it on the Waterstorm Forum and it might be in.

shark_sd.jpg Last but not least, for those who are interested in graphics/art, Velo, our lead artist, has just updated his website and will be posting some of the stuff he is currently doing or has already done. Like the drawing on the left which might look a bit familiar to all Waterstorm players…

Waterstorm Project Update #4

It’s great to have the beta out and to see responses from the community. When testing Waterstorm, these are the most important links for you:

Waterstorm Download

Waterstorm Forum

WaterstormWeb (Statistics/Ranking)

We’ve already played a bunch of maps with the community (that was great fun!) and we are going to release an update including the latest fixes very soon. New maps will also follow very soon. Meanwhile, here are some high-res screenshots from Ribo:

ssh3.jpg ssh2.jpg

ssh1.jpg ssh0.jpg

Waterstorm Goes Open Beta

It took another week, but here it is – the Waterstorm Open Beta Release:

The waiting has found its ending: Rarebyte’s newest incarnation, Waterstorm, a fast paced 2D multiplayer shooter, goes beta. Players from around the world can measure up against each other in a sophisticated ranking system and team up as clans.

A massive variety of sub marines and weaponry rock the boat in Waterstorm. Subaqueous battles with jaw-dropping graphics guaranteed and free of charge!

You can dive into the world of Waterstorm using Linux, Mac OS or Windows. So have no fear and register right this second at www.waterstorm-game.com

To learn more about Rarebyte please visit www.rarebyte.com