iPentris Lite 1.1 Released

iPentris Lite (iPhone/iPod touch)

We’ve just updated iPentris Lite to version 1.1 – it is already available on the iPhone AppStore. There are a few important changes in this version. First, as this is a lite version of iPentris, we finally threw out the code that increments speed in the last playable level of the lite version (that is level 3) until you can’t place the pieces anymore. This was a bit frustrating before.

Additionally, local highscores are now available, so you can at least beat your own score or your friends’ score on the same device, respectively. Last, but not least, we’ve unlocked the build-up video of the rocket. So when the game is over, you’ll see footage of the first three build steps of the rocket.

Be sure to check it out on the iPhone AppStore! We’d love to read your comments and ratings on this as we are always eager to improve our games :)