Lemming Rampage

It’s done! Our latest game is available on the iPhone AppStore. Get ready to catapult cute lemmings into the air and fly through the levels by using awesome gear such as a jetpack or a trampoline.

Use Timeshift(tm) to manipulate time and correct your flight path. Just tap on the display while in air to stop time, then slide back or forth to manipulate time and finally tap again to get back into normal time.

Become a godly aeronaut with your longest flights and send your lemmings to the Lemming Heaven, a highscore list containing lemmings from players all over the world. Unlock 12 unique levels, 18 different lemming skins and grow your lemming world as you are awarded with bronze, silver and gold medals.

Features at a glance:

  • Show your skills in 12 levels in 7 stages
  • Unlock up to 18 lemming skins
  • Control your flight path via accelerometer
  • Manipulate the time when something goes wrong by using Timeshift(tm)
  • When your lemming dies, send it to Lemming Heaven (Global Highscores)
  • Experience realtime physics
  • Be rewarded with achievements
  • Pilot your lemming to hit funny objects (trampoline, jetpack, …)
  • Avoid scary obstacles such as spikes or abyss
  • Do not avoid those scary obstacles to see what happens…

Check out the game’s website – it features the full player list. If you have the Unity web player installed, you can check out all dead lemming heroes completely in 3d!

We are already finishing the first update that will feature the following additions.

Planned Features in Update 1.1:

  • Facebook Connect
  • 3 extra levels in Night Mode
  • 3 extra lemming skins
  • Collect all golden stars in the game and play the secret mini game “Smash the Lemming”

We hope you enjoy playing Lemming Rampage as we enjoyed its development. Get it now on the iPhone AppStore for just USD 0.99 (EUR 0,79)!

3D for iPhone Apps with Blender and SIO2

Tony Mullen, a writer best known for his Blender books, announced his new book project on BlenderNation today! Check it out, pre-ordering is already possible.

There might be some material from Rarebyte iPhone games in this book, if you take a closer look you can spot Black Sheep on the cover of it.

Congratulations, Tony, we are really looking forward to reading your new book!