Maybe weekends exist so that you can relax. Sometimes this works really well. Getting up late, hanging around, eating or just zapping for hours. However, sometimes I kinda feel like weekends are there so that you can do all the stuff you failed or forgot to do during the other five days of the week. And no, I’m not talking about drinking alcohol, because you didn’t have the time to before the weekend.

A weekend can be the time for personal creativity, for all the ideas and visions to pursue, for all the interesting things to figure out. And then…all of a sudden…the weekend is over…

Dangerous Graz

As some of the readers of this blog might already know, I am a rather peaceful guy. I do not tend to be aggressive against other people. This morning, when I took the bus to the office, and the bus was just one station before my destination, about five guys entered the bus. They were rather young, about 15 or 16 years old, except one of them who was probably 18 or 19 years old and seemed to be their leader.

All of a sudden they started chanting “Sieg Heil” and “Heil Hitler”. Neither one of the other passengers nor I said a word. I was pretty shocked, but didn’t even look at them. Then one of them asked me something which I don’t remember exactly, maybe something like what my problem was. I still didn’t say anything. Next, the bus stopped and we all got out. The oldest one grunted that he would knock me out, and I still said nothing. He pushed me and I asked him if he could explain his reasons in words, but obviously he couldn’t. I was already heading towards the office when they starting running after me, trying to kick at me. To be more precise, the old one told his younger comrades to attack. As I was not turning around every second to see what they were doing, the first one’s foot actually hit my backpack. So I was prepared for their second attack, moved around like Chuck Norris and hit the second one with a kick before he could react. He went down and I quickly moved on to reach the office building. All others were chasing, but then I heard them screaming that the cops were coming and they ran away.

I’m not proud of beating someone up, but one has to defend oneself. I have to say that I am really shocked about the circumstances. I gave them no reason to be angry or something, but they still decided that I was some kind of enemy. I am sure that the younger ones did not have any clue what they were yelling and that they were incited by the older one.

I don’t know if there is anything that is worth adding to this story.

Weird Waterstorm Video

Today I was wondering why my Waterstorm Beta installation was about 3.5 GB big, so I was looking around and then figured out that I had about 2500 screenshots in my screenshots folder. All these were accidentally taken in a game session where I had misconfigured my key bindings, so that arrow down was assigned to move down AND take screenshot. I quickly made a video of the images – my submarine is going down on all sequences – see for yourself: