Development Update

It has been a while since my last update here. A lot of things are currently being done at Rarebyte – and at least some I can talk about.

First, I kinda missed it to write frequent updates in our development blog. I really missed it to get some words out to the world. If you are under pressure because you have to finish a project, unfortunately there is no time to write thoughts down. However, in my opinion, every once in a while it’s necessary to lean back and think about all the stuff you have done in the past few weeks and then write about it…

Waterstorm is on its way to the release, but I can’t give you a date right now. We’ve been working on some additional C.O.R.E. stuff as well as fixes and enhancements plus content updates. Stay tuned ;)

However, and that’s why everything is a bit delayed this summer, we’ve been working on some other projects as well. To name one, our high speed ranking calculator, Rankz, has undergone major changes and found the way up to version 2.0. It was used at the Kärnten Ironman Austria 2007 and will hopefully succeed next weekend at the Monaco Ironman 70.3. By the way, I’ve been researching a bit about different triathlon races and found out that there is actually a Deca Ultratriathlon (article in german). I mean, that’s kinda sick – 38km swim, 1800km bike and 422km run. Would be a great to see Rankz in use there….

Another project we’ve been involved is actually a game-related one, which I can not talk about right now, but infos will follow as soon as I can.

Personally, at least two things happened to me: First, I moved to Graz (finally!), which is really great, and second, I just turned 25, which feels like being very old. I know a lot of people who are born in August, but it’s sort of weird to be in the game business and have the same birthday as John Carmack (not the same year, of course).