Waterstorm Bots – Development Update #1

As promised last week, a quick update on the development of the bots for Waterstorm. They are now learning how to play Drone Match. It’s really fun to see them going after the drone, especially when you add quite a few bots to the game.

We are also permanently improving the weapon handling and precision and as soon as the stuff for Drone Match is finished, we are heading for the next mod, Capture the Flag.

Meanwhile, have fun playing!

Waterstorm Bots – Development Update #0

It’s time to share the current status of the upcoming Waterstorm update that includes bots. First of all, yes, they are still in development. Second, yes, we are making good progress. They are already alive and really dangerous.

In fact, this is a common problem when implementing bots. Making them deadly killers basically works out of the box, but balancing them so that they actually act like a human player would do is a very difficult task. That is exactly what we are currently working on. That means, all the basic stuff like path finding (no way points!), movement, weapon control, item pickup etc. is nearly done.

Moreover, they need to learn the game modes as well. By now, they know how to play deathmatch only. Anyway, all the preparative work for these tasks is done.

I’ll try to post a weekly development update. Meanwhile, have fun playing until the bots contaminate the sea ;)

Unimportant Update #14

I’m starting to like these unimportant updates, just because it gives me the thought that actually no one will continue reading after seeing the headline. This makes the entries safe from the world ;)

BTW, if you are a developer: Ever thought about how much time you are actually waiting for a compiler/linker or similiar to complete its work? Sometimes, a coder spends more time waiting than coding – no, I’m not trying the word trick that he should then be called a waiter. Actually, it seems that I’ve found the solution: Writing unimportant updates.