Waterstorm Released

It is finally done. Rarebyte releases Waterstorm, a fast paced 2D multiplayer submarine shooter. Players from around the world can measure up against each other in a sophisticated ranking system and team up as clans.

A massive variety of submarines and weaponry rock the boat in Waterstorm. Bringing you subaqueous battles with jaw-dropping graphics, Waterstorm comes with a completely new business model that introduces two different account types. While there is a free basic version of the game (free account), the so called supporter account provides a lot of extras such as the ad-free portal, honorable in-game supporter icons and supporter-only features in subsequent updates of the game. Players that are interested in the supporter account can decide for themselves how much they want to pay.

You can dive into the world of Waterstorm using Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. Register and download Waterstorm right this second at www.waterstorm-game.com

To learn more about Rarebyte please visit www.rarebyte.com