Monthly Archives: November 2008

White Mouse

We’ve been working on some iPhone/iPod touch stuff recently, and we are proud to announce that White Mouse is already available in the AppStore.

White Mouse is a simple puzzle game where you have to prevent the mouse from fleeing off the playground by placing an evil kitty pawâ„¢ each turn. The less steps, the better.

Our testers’ highscore was 8 steps – what’s yours? ;)

Upgraded to Latest WordPress

Just upgraded to the latest WordPress version. Wondering why the coffee counter still has to be updated manually ;)

A ’67 Phone

Ah, so it’s weekend again, great. Time for some retro phone calls. I found this old phone (manufactured in 1967) somewhere at home and thought about adding it to my network as a VOIP phone. After repairing and adjusting the dial plate, it actually worked except for the alarm bell which seems to be broken. But who needs a ringing phone when there are two other phones in the room that listen on the same phone number?

Unimportant Update #19

How to become Borat using the envelope of your Fallout 3 collector’s edition box:

Unimportant Update #18

Maybe I should write more serious stuff, but it’s hard to find the time. Perhaps the new energy cell here will help me do this…