A ’67 Phone

Ah, so it’s weekend again, great. Time for some retro phone calls. I found this old phone (manufactured in 1967) somewhere at home and thought about adding it to my network as a VOIP phone. After repairing and adjusting the dial plate, it actually worked except for the alarm bell which seems to be broken. But who needs a ringing phone when there are two other phones in the room that listen on the same phone number?

One thought on “A ’67 Phone”

  1. Hey there,

    I love your project! I’m currently trying to turn an OPT-S13862 rotarly dial plate desk phone manufactured in 1960 (just the same technology you used) into a (Linksys SPA901) VoIP phone – however unfortunately, I couldn’t find much documentation on how to get the dial part working, or which controllers to use.

    Would you care to get in touch with me and share some of your knowledge & experience about this part of the hack? =)


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