As good as Eclipse is… (Part #2)

This error message beats everything:

Eclipse Error Message

I’m wondering if there is another message if that error message also fails..

5 thoughts on “As good as Eclipse is… (Part #2)”

  1. well hehe.. as long as no internal error occurs when an internal error occurs, you’re quite save ;)

  2. but if it occurrs.. it may sound like this hehe:

    An internal error occurred while exiting the workbench.
    You are recommended to never enter the workbench.
    Subsequent errors may happen and may never let you exit the workbench.
    The Internal Error team will terminate the process now, but promise to never do it again.


  3. lol – hey I think it’s the internal error subdivision of the internal error team who’s responsible for these messages ;)

  4. it may be responsible for the messages, but it may not be strong enough to terminate the process as the almighty Internal Error team :))

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