7 thoughts on “Waterstorm: Live Again”

  1. I haven’t played waterstorm for a long time :D
    I’ve just downloaded it and tried it, and I’m a total noob lol

    nice iphone games ;)

  2. well, I only wanted to remember elder times lol
    now i play s4 league D:
    charlie, you used to be in the waterstorm chat, now there’s no one…

    and btw, are you planning to develope any other pc games? I’m not an iphone owner -.-

  3. ok. I will visit this blog eventually to see if there’s another pc game :P

    btw, I don’t have facebook xD

  4. Hello!

    I am a 12 year old and I want to download Waterstorm for Ubuntu. The download page on the website doesn’t have anything. Can you guys please help?

    From a 12 year old gamer

  5. Hello Tux,

    I’m afraid the Waterstorm servers are currently down at the moment and we are not sure if we will bring them back up again as the game has not seen too many frequent players lately. If there are any news on this, we will definitely post it here on our dev blog, the web site or social media (Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Rarebyte or Twitter @RarebyteGameDev).

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