Heat. Sweat. Shlepping. Sunburn. Exhaustion. Alcohol. Alice in Chains. Motörhead. Metallica. Tinnitus. Total exhaustion. Burning feet. “Heeeelga.” Sleep deprivation. Dirt. Heat again, sweat again, sunburn again. 50,000 using a bunch of restrooms. Stench. Flood. Mud. Smut. Filth. Some guys muckraking. Torridity. Overpriced drinks. Headache. Live. Massive Attack. Placebo. Total exhaustion, again. Some more sleep deprivation. Barbecue. Drinking water. Dust. Three raindrops. Keith Caputo. Tool. Total exhaustion, happiness.

2 thoughts on “Novarock”

  1. so what was different to your daily programming routine? “heat,sweat, etc.” sounds quite familiar to me… (i still got the smell from “Schwalbengasse10” in my mind – yuck!!)
    allright 50k people are not @ your office ;)

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