The Cup Warmer Investigation (Part #1)

I already explained the problem with my USB cup warmer in one of my last entries, but recently I’ve made some further investigations. I completely disassembled the whole thing as you can see on these photos:

Cup Warmer (1)Cup Warmer (2)PICT0792.JPG

I thought the inner life of such a warmer would be more complex, but in fact it’s rather simple, as there are just two resistors mounted on a cork plate as you can see on the second photo.
The heating plate itself is mounted on top of these resistors and has some heat-conductive paste on it (see photo #3). In my opinion, the problem is that the resistors are too central and there is too little paste on the plate to transport the heat to the margins of the heating plate.

So it looks like I’m gonna drink cold coffee until I trash the warmer and buy a better one or find a self-made solution for it. Hmm, so what about greasing more paste on to the heating plate…

Oh yeah, I’m not religious or something, but Happy Easter to all of you ;)

7 thoughts on “The Cup Warmer Investigation (Part #1)”

  1. yeah, that’s exactly what I thought when I opened the damn thing ;) I mean, parts for let’s say 20 cents, sold at a price of 10 euros…

  2. Could posiible to use a dc motor rather than a usb port to make it work .cause i want to bring my cup warmer pad anywhere i go . Or by the used of battery

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