Waterstorm 1.0.5 Released – Bots

A few days ago we unlocked Waterstorm 1.0.5, now featuring the very first version of bots. If you already have a Waterstorm installation, just launch the game and the Rarebyte Auto Updater (RAU) will automatically update to the latest version.

We’ve set up two gameservers that provide bot matches. Note that the bots in this release will work with DeathMatch only. Support for other game modes is on the way. The voting system of the game (just use the vote option in the main menu that is available when you are connected to a gameserver) now supports the bots as well. Bots can be added by using the add bot option and kicked like any other human player by using the kick player option.

Have fun playing and tell us what you think about it ;)

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