Black Sheep

Our latest iPhone/iPod touch game is already available on the iPhone AppStore. Black Sheep, a brainteasing sheep puzzle game with 40+ levels, has been released.

Help the black sheep to escape from its feed lot by placing modifiers on the playground that guide the sheep through the levels, over obstacles and other curious stuff.

Get it now on the iPhone AppStore! Not sure? Then check out the lite version in a few days ;)

8 thoughts on “Black Sheep”

  1. Ik weet niet wel level het is.. Maar ik kom er niet uit.
    Rechts boven is de uitgang met 2 deuren en het zwarte schaapje staat er voor. Links maast hem staan 2 witte schapen die op de knop moeten drukken. Maar hoe??
    Wie kan mij helpen?

  2. Ow Maybe in English:
    The level with in the upperright corner the exit with 2 doors in the front of it. Black sheep is standing right beneath it, 2 white sheeps in Jos left side.
    I don’t know how to end this game?
    Who can help me??

  3. Hi Laura,

    could you send in a screenshot of the level you are talking about? To do that, just hold the on/off button of your device and then press the home button – the image is then saved to your camera roll.

    Just send this image to – so we can help you ;)

  4. Hello:-) It’s great game but I’m stuck on Level 42 same as Laura. Any hints would be much appreciated:-)

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