XSLT (Part #2 – Dynamic Links)

As previously mentioned, I’m a bit into XSLT at the moment. And again, to help me remember it, here is a snippet from an XSL file that creates a hyperlink with dynamic parameters:

<xsl:attribute name=”href”>
<xsl:value-of select=”param2″/>
<xsl:value-of select=”param2″/>

Update: Somehow WordPress ate an important detail in the code above – it’s necessary to use &amp; instead of just &…

6 thoughts on “XSLT (Part #2 – Dynamic Links)”

  1. game? what game? there is no point of evidence that there is anything like that. in fact there are some rumors that a “game developement” – team is never ever producing a game – but masses of projects.

    finally i want to point out that rome and also IDsoftware was not build in one day….

  2. i have to annotate that more’n’more devblog is becoming a real interesting place of interchanging ideas from different points of view!

  3. progress lies in the eye of the beholder. i also guess that different points of view are quite important – so there is no “one way straight foreward sight”.

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