KIMA 2006 – Review

Besides from running around with the Funniest ID Card Everâ„¢ (inofficial award, but still trademarked), getting up way too early in the morning and then waiting long hours for timing data, the Kärnten Ironman Austria was still great fun ;) Although we were a little left stranded because the timing company had some problems with getting data from all their splits into the database, Rankz, as previously mentioned, turned out to do its job very well – in fact, it outperformed the old solution (student project) like a Ferrari outperforms your rusty moped.

idcard.JPGThe Funniest ID Card Everâ„¢

However, this was only the beta test for Rankz, so I’m really looking forward to next weekend, where we’ll get an impression if it’s worth all the praise…

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